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Edge IO

a wireless, easy-to-implement, low-cost edge device for collecting operational data from devices, machines, PLCs, and sensors and integrating it directly to the Tulip platform.

Edge IO device
Connecting machines to Tulip with OPC UA

Machine Monitoring, Made Easy

With support for OPC UA machines and Node-RED onboard, it is easier than ever to start monitoring your equipment and go beyond OEE.

Tulip's Edge IO at Autodesk Technology Center

Real-time insights, analog machines

Connect industrial-grade current clamps to monitor analog machine performance

Connected vibration sensor

An oscilloscope for your equipment

With industrial-grade, low-cost sensors, Edge IO’s advanced vibration monitoring capabilities bring analog machines to the cloud

Equip frontline workers at the edge

With cost-effective, plug-and-play IIoT, Edge IO makes it easier than ever to connect devices to your apps and guide operators. Use barcode scanners, scales, smart tools, and more.

Tulip Factory Kit components
  • Seamless IIoT

    Explore a growing library of supported devices to add to your operation

  • Node-RED Onboard

    Connect to even more protocols, devices, and machines at the edge with low-code flow-based programming

  • Integrated Light Kit

    Guided your team with pick-to-light by plugging in Tulip’s light strip

Autodesk Technology Centers


Unlocking Insights with Simple Sensors and Machine Learning at the Autodesk Technology Centers, Boston

See how the Technology Center team instrumented their stranded equipment and used Edge IO with Node-RED to train machine learning models and detect anomalies.

  • Plug-and-play IIoT

    Edge IO connects sensors, machines and Tulip-supported IoT devices with USB, GPIO, and more.

  • Powerful Machine Monitoring

    Access an oscilloscope for your shop floor with integrated vibration and current monitoring for new insights in analog equipment.

  • Advanced Machine Connectivity

    Monitor and translate machine data with OPC UA support, and connect non-Tulip-supported devices and sensors with Node-RED.

  • A Complete Tulip Workstation

    Get started with Tulip quickly, with integrated Light Kit drivers.

  • Made for Frontline Operations

    Operations can be rough for hardware. Our edge devices have the security, integrations, and configurability you need.

Explore Tulip Edge Devices

  • Edge IO device

    Edge IO

    Machine monitoring and connectivity with USB, GPIO, and ADC $600

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  • Tulip Edge MC

    Edge MC

    Wireless connectivity with USB, Node-RED, and native OPC UA. $150

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Edge IO is available now

Order an edge device online now or contact sales to get started.

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