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Additive Manufacturing Software

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Maximize 3D printer utilization and ensure quality from printing to post-processing

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Guide operators, reduce mistakes, capture data

  • CAD Import

    Integrated with top CAD software

  • Tracking & Traceability

    Centralize data for accurate records in flexible data structures

  • Edge Connectivity

    Connect machines and equipment or serialize builds with barcode scanners

  • Gain visibility into production

    As paper piles up, it can be difficult to see what is happening in production until the end of the day or week. Tulip’s no-code apps, replace work order travelers, paper, and spreadsheets with easy, real-time data collection for full visibility into every step of your operation from prints to post-processing.

  • Centralize data across multiple printer types

    Most operations rely on several different types of printers to create parts in different materials and finishes. Automating data collection across multiple printer types and connectivity statuses is made easy with Tulip apps. Connect to HTTP APIs and pull machine status and material usage automatically.

  • Improve traceability

    As parts move from printers to post-processing, it can be difficult to keep track of larger assemblies or what step of a process dozens or hundreds of parts can be at. With connected apps, each part can be followed and traced with a unique ID and serialized throughout every step of your process.

Understand the current status of all work orders, materials, and equipment

Drive impactful decisions with real-time operations data. See the status of your work orders, materials, and printers in one place, and track KPIs while collecting feedback from operators. Create universal dashboards for operators to manage printer status across an entire fleet or print room.

3D printing operations

Maximize utilization

Monitor machines and workstation performance metrics in real-time. Ensure machines are operating optimally to prevent unplanned downtime.

3D printing connectivity
  • Machine and operator data

    Visualize contextual operator data with machine data for a complete view of equipment and material usage

  • Connect all your equipment

    Connect networked and stranded printers with common APIs, Node-RED, and edge sensors

  • Machine management

    Build apps for operators to monitor maintenance, clearnings, changeovers, fleet status, and job status

Guide assembly and inspection

Error proof operations and report defects in real-time with human and process data. Provide operators with 3D CAD models to ease inspection by embedding them into work instruction apps.

Interactive CAD diagram of a dental product in Tulip application
Hands-free 3D printed part inspection

Connect with CAD Software

Communicating with software such as Onshape, pull information from documents and Part Studio elements, as well as information from assemblies and bill of materials. Allow operators to view and interact with 3D renderings with augmented reality to accelerate inspection.

  • Barcode scanning for 3D printer tracking at Formlabs


    Formlabs used Tulip to gain the real-time visibility they needed for their improving their Print Production Center manufacturing processes.

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  • 3D printer printing an object

    3D Printer Manufacturer

    Responding to new market demands, a 3D Printer Manufacturer got a new production line up to speed fast.

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  • ArchForm Aligner Line

    Custom Medical Device Manufacturer

    A personalized orthopedic aligner manufacturer scaled their 3D printing operations quickly and doubled their production capacity with Tulip.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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