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Give your apps the power of vision

Leverage computer vision capabilities to guide, measure, and improve your operations.

Vision Workstation Bench Digital Work Instructions

Computer vision for your operational needs

Combine the latest advances in human-centered computer vision with no-code apps to improve quality in your operations. Use inexpensive off-the-shelf cameras to track objects and motions through your processes.

Tulip's employees testing product
  • Cost effective

    Get started with off-the-shelf RGB and depth cameras.

  • Easy and flexible

    Vision detectors for all of your use cases, no coding needed.

  • Secure and private

    Vision runs locally at the edge, with security and privacy built in.

Pick to light system for bin picking

Increase efficiency and quality by guiding picking and packing activities

Boost productivity and improve quality by verifying that operators picked the right parts at the right time. Combine with an easy-to-deploy light system to implement an inexpensive and flexible pick-to-light system.

Document Scanning Process in a Computer

Error-proof data capture with intelligent document processing

Automatically capture and extract data using optical character recognition (OCR) to reduce the mental burden and risk of manual data entry or verification for documentation, ID matching, and more.

Tulip Vision Quality Inspection Defect Detection - No Logo

Identify defects sooner by incorporating more frequent quality checks into your processes with Vision

Quickly detect anomalies at the point of assembly to prevent defects from being shipped. Document common failure reasons for continuous improvement.

Tulip Vision capabilities

Increase visibility into your operations by knowing what inventory is where and when

Track work orders, materials, etc. throughout your workstations and easily conduct time studies to identify bottlenecks with automated history logs.

Unlock a collection of powerful computer vision capabilities

  • Jig Detection

    Print and affix specialized stickers to items to detect movement, including the arrival/departure of materials.

  • Change Detection

    Define, monitor, and track regions of interest and remove noise with depth detection. Useful for bin picking and pick-to-light.

  • Color Detection

    Identify colors and color changes in regions of interest to detect empty bins in need of material replenishment and analog machine lights.

  • OCR Detection

    Automatically reads texts like serial numbers, part numbers, and packaging info for verification.

  • Visual Code Detection

    Automatically detect and read QR codes, data matrix codes, and barcodes for product tracking and tool tracking.

  • Leverage Machine Learning

    Use data collected by Tulip Vision to train machine learning models by sending the data to external cloud Vision APIs, including Amazon Lookout for Vision API and Google Vision API.

DMG Mori Looking at Tablet

Control how your video data is managed

Detectors run locally and never transfer to the cloud without permission. Confidently create, store, and manage video data under the proper governance structure defined by your organization.

Case Studies

  • Building a Tulip app at DMG MORI

    DMG Mori

    See how DMG Mori implements Tulip Vision to efficiently build assemblies, capture data for time studies, and track orders.

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  • Laerdal Medical Device

    Laerdal Medical

    Read how Laerdal Medical saved on costs and time using Tulip Vision to error-proof their kit assembly station.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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