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Industrial Products Manufacturing Software

Industrial products

Manufacture high-quality industrial products with full production visibility

  • Rapid implementation

    Deploy tailored apps in days – without ripping and replacing existing systems

  • Human-centric apps

    Guide operators, reduce defects, and boost productivity with user-friendly interfaces

  • Real-time production data

    Track work-in-progress statuses, tool management, tool calibration, and inventory replenishment requests

  • Enterprise-ready

    Scale across multiple facilities with workspaces and multilingual capabilities

  • Address labor challenges

    With more frequent workforce turnover and a new generation of workers, digital workflows help new and experienced operators level up quickly. With Tulip, you can provide user-friendly frontend interfaces for legacy systems and streamline tedious, manual tasks like tracking data entry and inspection data.

  • Gain visibility into production

    As paper piles up, it can be difficult to see what is happening in production until the end of the day or week. Tulip’s no-code apps replace work order travelers, paper, and spreadsheets with easy, real-time data collection for full visibility into every step of your operation.

  • Improve traceability and product quality

    Track production across your entire value chain and reduce the headache of downstream quality issues with records and visibility of your products at every step.

Understand the current status of all work orders, materials, and equipment

Use streamlined digital workflows to collect production data from operators to drive impactful decisions. See the status of your work orders, materials, and equipment in one place, and track KPIs. Combine with sensor and machine data for even more visibility.

a worker uses machine to form parts
  • Prevent quality escapes

    Track quality issues and identify root causes before products reach customers.

  • Mitigate bottlenecks

    Use real-time data to identify opportunities to rebalance lines or improve operations.

  • Inventory replenishment

    Reduce inventory data inaccuracies with real-time data as to what is being used when in manufacturing.

Guide assembly and inspection

Error-proof operations and accurately track defects, work orders, materials, and more in real-time with human and process data.

Assembly work instructions
  • Right info at the right time

    Support operators with digital workflows that show instructions via text, images, or videos for the step at hand.

  • Respond to changes with agility

    When work instructions constantly fall out of date, operators stop using them. Update work instructions in minutes.

  • Automate data capture

    Reduce the mental burden and risk of error associated with data entry by connecting to tools, devices, and sensors.

Maximize utilization of machines and tools

Monitor and track machines, tools, and workstation performance metrics in real-time. Know tools and equipment statuses at all time. Guide and track tool calibration steps. Use real-time measurement data to predict tool calibration needs.
  • Machine and operator data

    Visualize contextual operator data with machine data for a holistic view beyond OEE.

  • Connect all your equipment

    Connect networked and stranded equipment with common protocols, Node-RED, and edge sensors.

  • Machine and tool management

    Build apps for operators to monitor maintenance, calibration, changeovers, and job status.


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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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