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Get more done with Automations

Design and build logic workflows that run in the background of your operation. Improve your efficiency, increase productivity, and build solutions faster. No coding required. Now available in public beta.

screenshot of visual logic building software in Tulip with cnc machine in the background
automations canvas in Tulip software

A canvas for your logic in Tulip

Simplify your app building with logic that can work with all of the resources you are already familiar with.

a visual canvas of flow based logic in Tulip

How does it work?

  1. Start with a spark

    Choose an event in Tulip to kick off your Automation.

  2. Build your logic

    Add action or decision blocks to create a powerful condition-based plan of action.

  3. Run in the background

    Let your Automations get tasks done for you, and alert the right people at the right time.

“Automations is going to help us glue everything together in our operation.”

Ryan Infantozzi, Systems Engineer at VEKA Inc.

Intuitive Management

A familiar platform experience. Easily find, version, edit, and activate your Automations.

Operator building Automations Flow in Tulip
  • Visual editing

    Create your logic on a canvas that is easy to learn and fast to build.

  • Actionable results

    Know what your Automation is doing with run history.

  • Usage tracking

    See how many tasks your Automations are completing.

Someone working on a computer with a table of data

Automations work with the Tulip resources you already use

Use Tables in Tulip to push data and tasks to your apps for operators, and build composable solutions that simplify your app logic. Take advantage of the Expression Editor and variables just like apps.

  • Tables

    Add and update records and dispatch tasks to Apps.

  • Connectors

    Push and pull data from third party systems.

  • Machines

    Action on state changes quicker and set up alerts.

  • Analytics

    Act on out-of-control values as they occur.

  • Apps

    Send data and alerts to operator interfaces through Tables.

  • Events

    • Machine Activity Changed

    • Machine Attribute Changed

    • Table Record Added

    • Table Record Updated

    • Table Record Deleted

    • Insight Detected

    • On a Schedule or Timer*

    See the full list of Events →

  • Actions

    • Update Table Record

    • Create Table Record

    • Send Email

    • Send SMS

    • Update Data

    • Run Connector Function

    • Translate with Frontline Copilot™

    Learn more about Actions →

Join the Automations Beta!

Automations are available in Beta for Tulip customers now. If you don't have access to please reach out to our team.

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