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Consumer Products Manufacturing Software

Consumer Products

Produce high-quality products and meet frequently changing consumer demand

  • Pace-to-value

    Rapid deployment of tailored apps unlocks quick ROI and faster cycles of improvements

  • Human-centric apps

    Guide operators, reduce mistakes, and error-proof processes with user-friendly interfaces to boost productivity

  • Citizen development / no-code

    Gain agility, and flexibility with apps that fit your process

  • Edge connectivity

    Easily connect to devices, cameras, and machines

  • Reduce skill gaps with digital work instructions

    With retiring experts and global workforce disruptions causing turnover, companies are met with unmet skill gaps and lengthy upskilling times for new hires. Digital work instructions provide the correct information with visual indicators for new hires to onboard quickly.

  • Increase agility in the face of uncertainty

    As supply chain shortages and shifting priorities impact businesses around the globe, companies need to constantly update production lines to meet deliveries. Introducing new products and shifting priorities with no-code apps enables quick changeovers to keep production running smoothly and consistently meet deliveries.

  • Reduce the cost of quality and increase customer satisfaction

    Product variations and defects from out-of-spec parts lead to rework and create waste while damaging customer trust. Ensuring quality upstream with traceability and complete product visibility reduces customer complaints and increases completed orders.

Guide assembly and inspection

Error proof line setup and shift change over processes and collect real-time human and process data.

Assembly work instructions
  • Intuitive interfaces

    Create attractive user experiences for the frontline workforce for increase productivity

  • A truly connected platform

    Connect to systems, databases, tools, devices, and sensors you already use to take control of your data

  • Agility with no-code editing

    Update work instructions on the go without any code

Gain end-to-end traceability and stay on top of the status of your orders

Ensure quality with traceable data. Track quality issues and identify root causes before products reach customers with apps, devices, sensors, and advanced computer vision.
  • Holistic data collection

    Integrate data automatically from humans, machines, devices, and systems

  • Flexible data structures

    Tie work instructions to jobs dynamically with flexible data structures

  • Advanced computer vision

    Track material arrival and positions with computer vision detectors

Continuously improve your operations with data collected in real time

Build no-code apps for lean practices and iterate quickly based on feedback. Get started with inspiration from the Tulip Library and builds apps for challenges across your organization.

Maximize machine utilization and track performance metrics in real time.

Visualize contextual operator data with machine data for a holistic view beyond OEE for all of your equipment. Connect networked and stranded equipment with common protocols, Node-RED, and edge sensors, or build apps for monitoring changeovers, maintenance, and jobs to be done.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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