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Illustration of EV motor manufacturing

Automotive & Specialty Vehicle Manufacturing

Deliver high-quality vehicles and parts with end-to-end traceability

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Automate and error-proof processes with apps and enable operators

  • Production Visibility

    Get a holistic view of your operations with real-time data on configurable dashboards

  • Enterprise-Ready

    Scale quickly with built-in features to accelerate value across global operations

  • Pace-to-Value

    Rapidly develop and deploy tailored apps for a quick and high ROI

  • Gain production visibility

    Work order travelers and other paper-based documentation create administrative work and don’t provide visibility into real-time production status. Use Tulip’s dashboards from any device to monitor machines, inventory, and more to make data-driven decisions.

  • Simplify traceability

    Tracking information on how each part is sourced, flows through your operations, and shipped to the customer is time-intensive and leaves no room for error. With Tulip, you can automate data collection with an intuitive app interface, edge connectivity, and computer vision.

  • Close skill gaps

    Employee turnover and the loss of expert knowledge can set a company back by months. With Tulip, you can cut training times by as much as 75% and capture expert knowledge with digital work instructions so your operators can work efficiently through any workflow.

Guide assembly and inspection

Increase productivity and error-proof workflows with intuitive, easy-to-update touch-screen apps. Guide operators with digital work instructions connect to devices for easy data capture, and seamlessly integrate with your systems.

Production Visibility and WIP tracking

With Tulip analytics, create configurable, real-time dashboards, you can highlight relevant analytics, so you can resolve problems faster.

Tulip analytics dashboard
  • Track KPIs

    Flexible data structures allow you to define and calculate your own KPIs

  • Manage quality events

    Report defects and quickly identify root causes to reduce waste and increase productivity

  • Automate alerts

    Allow operators to notify key stakeholders to address time-sensitive issues in your production

Mitigate bottlenecks and quality issues by tracking order and materials

Digitizing your workflows enable a reliable order and material tracking system. Review subcomponent and assembly history in granular detail with flexible data structures and efficiently identify root causes to eliminate low-quality products and prevent waste.

Monitor machines and tracking workstation performance in real-time

Connect networked and stranded equipment with standard protocols, low-code, edge devices, and sensors. Visualize contextual operator data with machine data for a holistic view beyond OEE.

    Swift Components

    See how Swift Components digitized their production logs into real-time dashboards that display data to ensure they meet a new standard for quality.

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    Boat Manufacturing Company

    Using Tulip, the Boat Manufacturer built apps that enable the upholstery operations to measure average cycle times and allow management to keep track of both aggregate and individual performance, all in real-time.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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