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Electronic Records Solution (eBR and eDHR) Built on Tulip

More than an eDHR or eBR solution, Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform helps medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers error-proof tasks, streamline compliance, and track products.

  • GxP-Ready and Proven

    Validation made easy

  • Edge and System Connectivity

    Use your own display devices and connect to your existing systems

  • Intuitive and Human-Focused

    Error-proof work and data entry with operator guidance and augmentation

  • Flexible

    Build solutions that fit your unique operations with no-code capabilities

Why Next-Gen eBR and eDHR? Why Now?

Traditional MES systems for Life Sciences were built for stability and meant to last, but they fail to keep up with the fast-paced, complex market demands. Here's what we hear about legacy MESs and paper-based processes:

Life Sciences Paper
  • Awful User Experiences

    Unintuitive interfaces, paper documents, separate SOP binders and ERP systems are slowing down operators and product release.

  • Rigid and Slow

    Out-of-the-box MES modules work great until companies need to bend their workflows to the limitations of their MES.

  • Implementation Headaches

    Customizing an MES takes months to build and even longer to validate. Traditional MES restricts a company’s ability to be agile and scale.

Augment your frontline workforce

Ensure tasks are completed and documented correctly the first time with combined digital work instructions data collection. Connect your scales, scanners, sensors and more to Tulip to streamline data capture, enabling your operators to save time and minimize transcription errors.

eBR eDHR connected scales

Accelerate batch releases with quality-control at every step of the production process

Right-the-first-time eBR and eDHR means fewer errors and real-time triggered alerts ensure exceptions and non-conformances are identified and reviewed sooner. Data can be viewed in real-time with end-to-end traceability.

Review by Exception

Put your data to work and gain real-time production visibility.

Dashboards with built-in analytics are critical to understanding the health of your operations. Gain insights and make decisions based on data in real-time.

Manufacturing supervisors reviewing production data

Interfaces where you need them.

Tulip apps can be used across your operation, on mobile devices, computers, edge devices, machines, and wearables.
  • Mobile Devices

    Use your own display devices such as Android tablets and devices, Windows tablets, and iOS devices.

  • Computers

    Compatible with Windows, MacOS, web browsers, and Edge IO with an external monitor.

  • Wearables

    Run Tulip apps on Android and Windows wearable headsets for hands free apps.

Tulip's Next-Gen eBR/eDHR can do much more than a traditional solutions:

  • eLogbooks

    Reduce the paperwork and burden of compliance with apps that standardize audit procedures, track progress, and promote accountability. Access information in logbooks remotely and securely.

  • Weigh & Dispense

    Connect your scales to a Tulip app to automatically record the weight and eliminate the chance for error in transcribing data. Information such as user badge ID, batch number, and eSignatures are recorded in an electronic record to form an audit trail.

  • Line Clearance

    Combine dynamic work instructions, image capture, and eSignatures to ensure your production line is clear of obstruction, create an audit trail, and release batches faster.

  • Digital Work Instructions

    Error-proof tasks with a single, intuitive workflow with dynamic work instructions, connections to external systems, edge connectivity, and cameras.

  • Order & Material Tracking

    Track information for jobs, work orders, BOMs. Scheduling orders and optimizing flow. Manage goods receipt, warehousing, and final dispatch.

  • Genealogy and Traceability

    Record information at steps throughout the process. Create your electronic history records for products and batches.

  • Quality & Security Systems

    Execute against quality management systems. Track exceptions and mitigate future deviations.

  • Operator Training

    Whether you’re training a new employee or introducing a process, product, or tool, build a firm foundation for your team with intuitive and effective training apps.

How are companies leveraging Tulip?

  • Pharma line

    Pharmaceutical Company

    Read how this company leveraged apps to reduce line changeover time from 14 days to 3

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  • Operator at Laerdal assembling a product kit

    Laerdal Medical

    Learn how Laerdal Medical uses Tulip Vision to identify improvements in their packaging process and save reference images for warranty claims.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Tulip support GxP-regulated environments?

    Tulip is trusted by top companies across the world including top pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. GxP is a top area of focus for Tulip. Tulip is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / EU GMP Annex 11 compliant, releases GxP features regularly, and uses a ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS.

    Learn more →

  • Can I use Tulip with our own existing sensors and devices?

    Tulip’s no-code and low-code capabilities make it easy to get started with our existing supported devices, or create your own custom drivers with Node-RED.

  • Can I use Tulip apps with our own display devices?

    Yes, you can use Tulip with your own tablets, computers, wearables, and mobile devices.

  • How does Tulip support permissions and controls?

    With granular permissions and workspaces, central teams can control 3rd-party integration, data structures and formatting, and more while giving local teams the autonomy they need.

  • Does Tulip integrate with my company’s software?

    Connect bi-directionally to ERP systems, collaboration platforms, or most systems with an API.

    See our integrations here →

  • Does Tulip support Tracking and Genealogy?

    Track and trace backward and forward genealogy. Scan serial numbers with connected devices or overhead cameras to make tracking effortless. Find deviations more quickly with in-line quality apps.

  • Does Tulip support Review by Exception?

    Yes, automatically view all records in one robust audit trail — dig into data, and streamline compliance documentation. Confidently review only the deviations or non-conformances.

Get started building a connected work solution in Tulip

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