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Edge Connectivity

Streamline workflows and data collection with edge connectivity

Leverage native edge capabilities across your operations with plug-and-play connections to machines, sensors, and smart tools.

Seamlessly connect IIoT devices and more to your Tulip apps

Incorporate devices as inputs and outputs with a drag-and-drop interface. Build triggers and time-saving workflows by incorporating events and measurements recorded by devices and sensors.

Operator progressing through assembly work instructions app
  • Flexible

    Choose from a growing list of devices.

  • Fast setup

    Connect and interact with devices without writing any code.

  • Accuracy and precision

    Reduce errors with real-time feedback through smart tools.

Operator using torque driver at work station

Connect the device that best fits your needs

Choose from a growing supported device library. Connect smart tools, scales, sensors, and more to your Tulip apps.

  • Serialize

    Serialize work with barcode or RFID integrations to dynamically control your process.

  • Measure

    Create apps that adjust based on data from connected scales, calipers, thermometers, and sensors.

  • Capture images

    Operators can instantly record defects by taking images and videos with camera integrations.

  • Computer vision

    Use powerful, native computer vision to identify, localize, and track parts or motions to error-proof work.

  • Guide operators

    Integrate IIoT devices, sensors, and computer vision in digital work instruction workflows to automate data collection.

  • Monitor machines

    With support for machine protocols and edge devices for legacy machines, have visibility into machine data

Ways to Connect

  • Tulip Edge IO

    Edge IO

    Powerful machine monitoring and connectivity with USB, GPIO, and Tulip Player. $600

    Buy Edge IO
  • Tulip Edge MC

    Edge MC

    Wireless connectivity with USB, Node-RED, and native OPC UA. $150

    Buy Edge MC

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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