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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform

Manufacturing is experiencing unprecedented workforce challenges.

Learn how Tulip helped manufacturers boost productivity, cut defects, and gain improvement insights – resulting in a 448% ROI – with this Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Tulip.

Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study and receive:

  • An overview of the research process including company profiles of Tulip customers interviewed

  • The composite company and assumptions used to calculate the ROI and NPV

  • Details around the model used to calculate the benefits and costs

  • Unquantifiable benefits described in Tulip customer quotes

448% Return on Investment (ROI) over 3 years

After interviewing with 4 Tulip customers, the Forrester Consulting team developed a composite company and model to calculate the benefits and ROI. Additional results included:

A person standing in front of a screen interacting with an Inspection Step workflow app.
  • 15% boost in operator efficiency

    Intuitive interfaces and streamlined data entry improved operator productivity.

  • 50% time savings for supporting staff

    Alerts and access to real-time data cut engineering and supervisor time.

  • 70% reduction in defects

    Guidance and inspection checks helped operators make fewer errors in assembly.

Summary of Unquantifiable Benefits

  • Connected Operations

    Increased scalability through edge-native connectivity and additional systems integration.

  • Avoided Costs

    Avoided downtime, compliance, and audit costs.

  • Production Capacity

    Increased throughput to increase revenue.

  • Democratization

    “No-code” platform enables the digital culture of citizen development.

  • Future Proofing

    Avoided future costs of app development.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Improved solution through ongoing software updates.

How Companies Use Tulip

  • Unlimited Tomorrow Prosthetic Arm

    Unlimited Tomorrow expands capacity and ensures compliance

    See how Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform enables Unlimited Tomorrow to scale their operations with seamless compliance.

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  • Polishing a ring with digital work instructions

    Luxury jeweler improves productivity by 18%

    Learn how a luxury jewelry company improved its productivity by 18% by using Tulip to conduct industrial time studies.

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  • Assembly work instructions

    Mack Molding brings new products from prototype to production

    See how Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform has allowed Mack Molding to quickly and effectively bring new products to market.

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Upcoming Webinar: The 448% ROI of Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform

Learn how Tulip’s platform has helped companies increase operational efficiency by 15-50% and decrease defects by 70%.

Stanley Black & Decker operator using Tulip